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The Process

We can come to you, or you can send us images of your objects and we will give you a brief breakdown of what TLC we believe the object needs.  Whether you work with us is up to you - the first consultation is free and we can travel anywhere within Greater London.  For the treatment of artwork outside of London, we request that the objects are brought to our studio. 

Condition Report

Before any treatment can be executed, we write a condition report to thoroughly assess the state of the object and it's surroundings.  We also execute Preservation Risk Assessment reports and monitoring plans for entire collections, addressing the needs of at-risk objects en-masse.  


Full Condition Reports start at at £100, but may increase depending on size and timescale of the project.  

Treatment and Assessment

Our knowledge of international conservation standards and best practice mean we will always try to provide the highest level of treatment and advice within reason.   

We'll use our interventive and preventative conservation experience to develop a treatment plan to best care for your object. 


Our hourly treatment rate starts at £80 per hour.  


If you are not interested in collection care monitoring, we still strongly encourage clients to allow a Post-Treatment Survey within one year of treatment.  For £80, we conduct a second follow-up report surveying the current condition of the item, if any additional treatments should be done and any additional advice

Post-Consultation Survey

At the end of our services, we will provide you with a Treatment Report or Preservation Consultation Report, and our invoice.

While we both have the education and experience to provide an excellent level of service, if the project proves to be outside of our abilities we will always recommend external consultation.

Initial Consultation

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