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Contracts & Insurance

CONTRACTS: Our contracts are dependent on our services, and we require we allow 10 days to settle an outstanding account with us before incurring a 3%per week late fee.  We don't require deposits unless the value of the services is over £500 (not including VAT).  At that point, we require a 50% refundable deposit.  

Please contact us for more information.


INSURANCE: As we try never to remove your object/collection from your possession, we only take out liability/professional indemnity insurance as needed per contract valued at over £20,000.  It is included in our fee if the situation arises and can be explained in detail upon request.

However, if your object or collection is insured, most asset insurance covers maintenance (i.e. conservation /preservation treatments), and we are happy to look over your contracts to see the extent to which paying additional indemnity insurance would be necessary.  


GUARANTEE:  Conservation involves the real-world application of a broad range of scientific theories, so as with everything in life there is room for error. That is why we advise that clients make sure to allow a six-month/one-year Post-Treatment survey, so we can make sure that our work continues to be the best solution for the client.  

And if you aren't happy with our work, we are happy to discuss refunds.

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