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Collections Care at the British Library – The British Library's reference site on Collections Care, ranging from paper to photographs to mixed media preservation methods.  


Collections Trust National Preservation Office - Guidelines for Library and Archive Collections – The British Collections Trust, based out of RICHMIX in London, compiles many of the more technical guidelines for conservation and preservation.

U.S. National Park Service - Conservation Treatments – The National Park Service’s guide to what to expect and what to ask about conservation treatments and how to obtain a conservator.


Smithsonian Institution - Taking Care – The Smithsonian’s brief introduction into caring for collections both public and personal


Northeast Document Conservation Center - Preservation Overview – An overview of preservation guidelines by the most well-known private conservation centre in the Northeast of the U.S.

U.S. National Park Service - Conserve O Grams – National Park Service again, but this time with their Conserve O Grams; a regular publication of tips for conservation and preservation.

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