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About Us

Ashleigh and Angelina have built notable careers working as conservators in both the private and public sectors. Ashleigh started her career in Art History, completing a BA(Hons) at the University of Manchester and several Art Law/Collection Management courses, while Angelina completed a BA in the Conservation of Antiques and Works of Art at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Both went onto the University of London, where they met at Camberwell pursuing the Conservation of Works on Paper Master’s Degree.  


Upon completion of their degrees, they both worked as conservators in the UK and the US, working for institutions such as the Smithsonian and the National Archives at Kew, as well as for numerous private collectors and galleries.  Whether the client is an ultra-high net worth individual or a family trying to preserve their personal photo collection, The Conservators are dedicated to protecting a wide range of paper-based objects and paintings on canvas with conscientious intervention and preventative methods of conservation. 

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